Title: Introduction of Several Robotic Quarantine Systems to Overcome COVID-19 Pandemic


Abstract: In recent years, we have been experiencing how technological changes characterized by hyperconnectivity and hyperintelligence are transforming and developing industrial ecosystems related to our daily lives in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These technologies have been utilized and contributed in helping the world to overcome the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 novel infectious disease, which has been challenging the world for the past three years. In this talk, I will introduce some examples of how robotics and ICT(Information and Communication Technology) have helped the healthcare medical-centered epidemic prevention system. The quarantine robot project, which was supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Republic of Korea in late 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic and is scheduled to end in June next year, is an ongoing project that has developed a total of five quarantine solutions by converging robotics and ICT technologies with the opinions of medical personnel at quarantine sites and is demonstrating their performance in the field. Fortunately, the pandemic situation has ended, so we were unable to utilize the project in real life, but we hope that it will be used as a valuable experience to prepare for another pandemic that may strike at any time in the future, so we will introduce specific examples of the quarantine robot project.


Dr. Sang-Rok Oh joined the Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) in 1988 after graduation from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) for his Ph.D. degree, and has been working as a Principal Research Engineer at the AI and Robotics Institute, KIST. In 1999, he became a Director of Bio-mimetic Control National Research Laboratory, during 2000-2003, a Head of Intelligent System Control and Robotics Center, KIST. From 2003 to 2008, he has been working as a Project Manager of Intelligent Service Robots and u-Computing area at Ministry of Information and Communication, Republic of Korea, and from 2006 to 2008, he also worked as IT Policy Advisor to Minister at the same Ministry. From March 2008, he joined again KIST and served as a Director of Robotics/Systems Division, and as a Vice President, External Affairs, KIST from 2009 to 2010, Director-General of KIST Gangneung Institute from 2014 to 2017. Now he is working as a Director of Center of Development of Quarantine Robot Systems at KIST. During last 30 years, he has been carrying out about 130 research projects as a Principal Investigator and Participating Researchers, published 85 papers in international and domestic journals, presented 338 papers in international and domestic conferences, registered 178 international and domestic Intellectual Properties(patents) as of January, 2022.

AETA 2023

The 8th International Conference on Advanced Engineering - Theory and Applications